Air Domes (also known as Air Tents or Air Structures) have been made and used for many years.   Because of their beauty, durability, and low cost they have become a popular tent structure choice for many in recent years.

Air Domes are much more than simply an alternative to conventional pole tents; they are a unique, quick, and inexpensive way to have a permanent or semi-permanent structure for your church sanctuary, tennis court, concert hall, swimming pool, etc.


Air Domes are very versatile and can be used in many different applications, such as a traveling Revival Tent, a shelter for dining, a paint facility at a construction site, or a church sanctuary. They have even been put over a classic Victorian house under renovation in a region of inclement weather! – The sky is the limit!


We can custom design your Air Domes in different shapes and configurations to meet your specific needs – WE WILL WORK WITH YOU ON YOUR PLAN!

Our Air Domes are easily heated or air-conditioned and provide a comfortable, insect-free environment compared to conventional tents, and are perfect for church sanctuaries when installed over and secured to a concrete slab. They make for an impressively beautiful, modern, and practical structure.

We know that you will be amazed at what you can do with a Worldwide Tents Air Dome! Call us and allow us to explore the possibilities with you.


When contemporary Christian recording and performing artists ‘The Newsboys’ needed a portable concert hall for their 2000 Newsboys Love Liberty Tour, they utilized two huge Air Domes and leap-frogged them across the country! The tour was a major success and because of the unique venue it created quite a buzz in the media!


Worldwide Tents Is Your Headquarters For Air Domes!


Newsboys Air Dome!

Air Domes – Newsboys Air Dome!

Air Domes 50X100 Air dome

50X100 Air Dome Church Hawaii


80X100 Used Air Domes

Air Dome 80X100 Air domes


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